The winds of change..

Resurfacing with a new purpose.

I feel like I am losing touch with personal web sites, yet a large part of me still believes that this is the most comprehensive introduction for those looking to learn more about who you are or where you have been.

My excuse for the distance between posts is that over the past 12 months I have been focused on preparing one of my businesses for sale. Many will be aware that Nicola Evans and I acquired almost 7 years ago and we have since been focused on servicing the needs of some of the worlds most elite athletes through our headline Superfood Multivitamin.

During that 7 year window we pushed through some challenges that were pioneering in the plastic free packaging space. We also supported the journeys of numerous world title achievements, along with Olympians and an array of diverse elite athletes/adventurers/artists and accolades. The journey has been emotionally fuelled, inspiring and incredibly rewarding.

Over the last few years it became more apparent that there was growing interest in what we were doing with Apsu and this included a clear consumer demand. It was decided that we would trigger a capital raise or find a partnership that would provide Apsu the tools and the opportunity to find its own place amongst the active market share. 

To cut a long story short, around 5 months ago we completed a deal with a super exciting new wellness brand ‘GOE Wellness’ and the progress curve has since been incredibly steep. We have moved the company from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom, we have built a large and fabulous team and a series of new products that are either in current volume production or in development or testing.

It is a rewarding experience to build a company that is attractive to business minds, and this new phase for Apsu by GOE is a move that I am personally very proud to have managed. It goes without saying that my fuel in this sector is my closeness to our athletes/teams/events/adventurers/creatives, and living their journeys (the highs and the lows) is what really inspires me most. 

I remain the Director of Apsu by GOE for the foreseeable future and I am enjoying the new company team environment, being surrounded by incredible people and the broad business opportunity.

I hope to not be so absent on this site and to keep those interested as up to date as possible going forward. Part of my new remit includes continuing to pursue my own adventures and goals with Apsu by GOE as my projects principle brand partner.

Kind regards, Nick