Breaking the silence

In mid June 2021 the IOC officially rejected the Mixed Double-Handed Offshore Sailing Medal for Paris 2024 Olympics.

This new was certainly disappointing for Adrienne and I but not overly surprising. I have been asked by several magazines and podcasts to give my opinion on the decision, and perhaps the processes or circumstances that let to the final outcome. I have politely declined to date but Inside me I have answered so many questions and resolved so many frustrations that were / are out of the hands of those campaigning towards the goal.

Since committing to the goal in late 2019, I re-built a competitive mind-set that had faded in the jungle of my semi-retirement surfing life in Sri Lanka. Being back in the UK / Europe and closer to the competitive scene was both motivating and frustrating in equal measure…perhaps more frustrating than motivating which some may find strange given that I was fast and confident on the water…I am sure that there are many who will know what I mean in the above.

Not one to ‘cry over spilt milk’, I have always had the ability to move on quickly, particularly after achieving any set goal, but this time the transition is a little slower. This was to be my last athletic pinnacle focus and now I need to fill that goal void.

Some who know me well, know that I never sit still and I have been busy throughout the pandemic. Those who know me very well know that my heart belongs to my family and adventure, so it will not be a surprise that this is where I am heading.

On a sporting perspective, today, if I have any urge to compete then it is the quest towards my best possible result in La Solitaire du Figaro which is the undisputed crown in one-design solo sailing. But for now, after over 30 years as a commercially funded campaigner, I shall take a break from worrying about where any support funding may come from. The Olympic quest was possibly the most daunting financial mountain I had faced to date.

Stay safe and healthy always, Nick

P.S. I will get around to stripping away the Olympic Page on this site…for now I am busy making plans 😉