yachtsman - adventurer - speaker - ambassador

achievements and opportunities

Nick is a two times America's Cup sailor. he has raced around the world three times in the world's most iconic yacht races. he is the holder of over fifteen world sailing speed and endurance records.

Nick is one of Australia's most decorated, diverse and successful sailors. He has won most major International yacht races during his professional career spanning over thirty years. Nick's World Records include the outright non-stop and unlimited around the world sailing speed record (the Trophy Jules Verne), the 24 hour speed / distance sailing record and a Guinness World Record for the first (and still the only person) to have windsurfed 230 kilometres across the notorious Bass Strait in a time of 22 hours and 11 minutes. Nick is the author of 'Chasing the Dawn', a published account of the 2002 Jules Verne Record and in the year 2000 he was awarded the Australian sports medal for his contribution and achievements in the sport of yacht racing.

For his entire professional life, Nick has been commercially endorsed and has represented some of the world's most iconic brands. There are very few athletes who truly understand and embrace the committment to sponsors and supporters, and the clear ROI objectives in association to an investment in him, his team and any goal. Nick and his team are well known for their creative application and dedication to achieve strong returns for all levels of financial support.

Hosting and speaking package deals are a strong way of enabling Nick to work for the opportunity to pursue his goals. These provide excellent value to a stakeholder and strengthen the ability for Nick and his team to construct realistic and achievable campaign performance strategies and timelines that are key to any success.

It is becoming increasingly challenging for large scale businesses to engage with stakeholders, clients, new business prospects and others.
 There is also a growing shortage of those with credible history and experience who are willing to share their stories or have the charisma and energy to properly articulate and deliver an engaging and inspiring media audience connection.

Nick enhances events through memorable experiences. His delivery is genuine and emotionally charged. When Nick takes his audience on a story telling journey, he takes them to places where many have never been and most will never go. His stories are unique, the response is overwhelming, the experience is unforgettable.

Nick is available to work for your business; engage teams, distributors and clients. He can become a representative of your brand through client engagement, fundraising, CSR and other business events.

The olympic dream

There are some things that enter a child’s heart and simply never leave. For Nick and his team mate Adrienne Cahalan OAM, this aspiration is to become an Olympic Champion.

This formidable team is seeking an alliance with brands and private supporters in order to join them on a unique, engaging and emotionally charged journey with a very specific message and sporting goal.

Adrienne is a low profile, high achiever. You will not find her on social media but this video gives you an insight into the carrer and life of this remarkable sailor.