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beyond the realm

Nick is inspired by history, the environment, learning and the opportunity to walk a road less travelled.

Nick is currently supporting Canadian offshore solo sailor, Scott Shawyer, on his quest towards his ambitious sporting and adventure goals. Scott and the team are championing the ‘Be Water Positive’ message alongside the IDRA and h2o Innovations with an aim to create reach, enabling the team to amplify the voices of change-makers and facilitate meaningful connections between solution providers and those in need, and to also assist the collective critical goals around water resource management and scarcity.

Nick’s last major expedition was a journey to Antarctica in February 2020. The timing of this journey coincided with the 200th Anniversary of ‘the heroic era of exploration’ and the ultimate discovery of the frozen continent. 

Throughout the global pandemic Nick opted to focus on challenges closer to home, paddling a solo outrigger canoe 90km around the Isle of Wight non-stop and unassisted, and he then paddled across Scotland via the Caledonian Canal, engulfed by the surrounding wilderness and natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

In February 2023 Nick completed the handover of the sale of his nutrition company and has since been piecing together his next projects that will take him back into offshore yacht racing and into the high latitudes above the Arctic Circle. Be sure to sign up below to receive unique insights into Nick’s personal update and future project plans.

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