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beyond the realm

Nick is inspired by history, the environment, learning and the opportunity to walk a road less travelled.

Nick's most recent major expedition was a journey to Antarctica in February 2020. The timing of this journey coincided with the 200th Anniversary of 'the heroic era of exploration' and the ultimate discovery of the frozen continent.

Throughout the global pandemic Nick opted to focus on challenges closer to home, paddling a solo outrigger canoe 90km around the Isle of Wight non-stop and unassisted, and then paddled across Scotland via the Caledonian Canal, engulfed by the surrounding wilderness and natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

Nick is currently focused on many challenges that incorporate big wave surfing, land sailing, endurance paddling, and supporting the English profiling of a revolutionary environmental sea craft. He is currently commissioned to document journeys to Greenland, and remote expedition sailing above the Arctic Circle, as well as a vital wildlife and humanitarian project in the North West Passage

Nick is engaged to bridge the divide between lounge rooms, classrooms, boardrooms and special events by delivering video, written and image links from these remote locations and diverse projects. Following the success of Nick's first book 'Chasing the Dawn', he is currently writing several other books on personal performance, the business of sport, and individual accounts of specific past and future projects.

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