Chasing the Dawn

By Nick Moloney​

The Jules Verne non-stop Unlimited Around The Worlds Sailing Speed Record is the ultimate race against time. In 2002, thirteen courageous men set a course west to east to go where no sailor had ever previously been.

In an exercise of great bravery upon the world’s most volatile oceans Nick Moloney (author) and his 12 teammates fought against the elements and the clock, to attempt to establish a new fastest time in this ultimate world sailing speed record and oceanic adventure.

Further, faster, first. To explore limits and to demonstrate the true art of pushing the realm of adventure and human endeavour.

This book was written and published in 2002 and is a personal account of Nick’s experience onboard the Maxi Catamaran Orange. Nick (of Australian nationality) was the only non-frenchman in the 13 person crew led by legendary French sailor Bruno Peyron.

This book is made up of raw log reports written by Nick each day throughout the journey, supported by an elaboration of that text. The 190 pages are presented in semi-coffee table style, hard cover format and feature incredible photography from renowned French nautical photographer Gilles Martin-Raget and fellow crew member Jean-Baptist Epron.

The book is available for purchase at USD $15.00 plus postage from the UK or Australia (whichever is nearer to your location *note, any dedicated or inscribed copies will be sent from the UK). Please send a message to place an order.