About nick moloney

the human element

powered by emotion.

Nick's childhood was spent on the south coast beaches of Victoria, Australia. It was here that he developed his bond and natural affiliation with the sea. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would carve out a career in elite level sport and adventure. A career that would see him reside in most corners of the globe and compete in the highest level of International sporting arenas.

Early in his career it was identified that Nick is a natural story teller with a unique and rare ability to easily incorporate key themes and messages within his tales. This has become one of his strongest ROI opportunities for his supporters and has a high market value. Nick is a very active international speaker, and ‘C’level executive and corporate team performance coach. This next phase of Nick’s career is focused on redefining his personal limits in his 50's and beyond, which has the potential of being his most valuable, engaging and emotional story yet.

Having lived in the USA for 10 years, Europe for 15 years and Asia for 6 years, Nick is currently calling the Isle of Wight (UK) home but he also has a restored colonial villa in Sri Lanka which is a family base or residence when working in the Asia Pacific or Middle Eastern regions.


Nick enhances events through memorable experiences and motivational storytelling.

When Nick takes his audience on a storytelling journey, he takes them to places where many have never been and most will never go. His stories are unique, engaging and memorable. Nick is available to work for your business; engage teams, distributors and clients, or to add some colour to any occasion. He can become a representative of your brand; client engagement, fundraising, CSR and other business events.

There is one element that divides sport and adventure from many other marketing and sponsorship investment opportunities. Something that holds strength beyond any standard advertising. This element is emotion. The emotional connection that an athlete, team, journey or event can establish with an audience is a marketing unicorn and is only achievable when brands and supporters believe in unique journeys and unique people.

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In 2017-18 Nick was appointed the official Volvo Ocean Race Ambassador. This honour was in recognition of his ability to represent the event values to media and stakeholders. In 2010 Delma Watches created a 200 piece Limited Edition watch to support Nick’s Antarctic journey to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the Antarctic continent.


Nick has devoted 30 years of his professional career to high performance and adventure sailing. He has also undertaken significant goals and projects as an ocean athlete, paddling and multi-sport adventure races. Nick is a person who is drawn to the spaces and locations far beyond his comfort zone. This is his later-life calling and this is where he is most alive.


Nick is first person to compete in the three greatest around the world sailing challenges; The Whitbread Round the World Race (now known as The Ocean Race), The Jules Verne Record and the only Australian to have competed in the Vendee Globe 


Taking some distance from elite competition over the past few years left a void in Nick that he now fills with adventure goals. These range from maintaining an element of competitiveness, to extreme levels of remote exposure, personal management, determination above gruelling discomfort, and pure survival.