The life adjustment

I am currently in my Sri Lankan home after returning from a brief visit to Hong Kong where we have offices and our family cruising yacht. These trips have been all about personal life admin in order to provide a full-time focus toward Paris 2024. On Friday we fly to the UK to continue building the foundation of the Olympic campaign.

Whilst we are facing the end of another year I am feeling the pressing of the clock already. When I look at my schedule for 2020 it is full of training and racing blocks with windows that accommodate the Adventure projects nested in the mix.

At 51 years of age, strength and conditioning is placed high amongst my onward focus and we have our first 6 week on-water and structured physical training period scheduled from January 2nd until I leave for Antarctica mid February.

For this period I will be training alongside teams aiming to represent Great Britain and France (even potentially one of the US trialists). I will be coached by sailing legend Brian Thompson in order to rediscover my technique in the short-handed discipline. The on-water conditions will be brutally cold but this should harden me up for the Southern Continent and the Southern Ocean in February. Stay tuned.