the xxx111 olympiad

Paris 2024

Nick Moloney and Adrienne cahalan oam join forces for the paris olympics 2024.

For the first time in sailing's Olympic history, a Mixed Two Person Offshore Sailing medal will be awarded at the Paris 2024 Olympics. 20 nations will be on the start line and the open ocean yacht race shall last four days and three nights. Whoever crosses the finish line first will be declared Olympic champion. Live broadcasting, tracking and analytics will be streamed directly from each boat and the race will be the first Olympic event to be live streamed 24 hours a day.

Nick Moloney has teamed up with world renowned Australian yachtswoman Adrienne Cahalan OAM and the two have committed themselves to the Olympic Dream.

They have commenced their campaign quest towards qualifying and representing Australia in the new mixed gender, double handed Offshore Sailing Medal category for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.

Nick and Adrienne are seeking both corporate partnerships and patrons in order to campaign on an equal level to their rivals and they both have unique individual value and means to deliver strong return on investment.

To support the road to Paris 2024 then please make contact.