The art of adventure

beyond the realm

Nick is inspired by history, the environment, learning and the opportunity to walk a road less travelled.

Nick's most recent expedition was a journey to Antarctica in February 2020, where he was accompanying a small group of scientists in order to learn more about safeguarding the natural environment of this pristine region. The timing of this journey coincided with the 200th Anniversary of 'the heroic era of exploration' and the ultimate discovery of the frozen continent.

Two hundred years ago Antarctica was sighted for the first time. As with many pages in history and discovery, there remains a question over ‘who saw it first’? Antarctica is no different with a battle between an Irish claim and that from Russian log books. These first recorded sightings sit a mere two days apart.

Whilst the explorers of the 19th century were seeking new frontiers, Nick's expledition was aimed at creating a better understanding of the extent of change that Antarctica is victim to due to climate change.

Nick's role in this project was to create and distribute content documenting the journey, the history and the future of this region. Nick was working with the most modern means of communication equipment via his partnerships with Inmarsat and Huawei in order to bridge the divide between lounge rooms, classrooms, boardrooms and special events by delivering video and image links from the most remote and hostile continent on planet earth.

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